Fearless Fox Profile: Haley Hebert, Cofounder AirProxima

Haley Hebert is the CMO & Co-Founder of AirProxima. Haley’s focus at AirProxima is on using new technology and machine learning to broaden the accessibility of the charter industry. Reaching new customers (not just the 1%) with a better way to travel is her passion. Her personal motto: Be Kind.


Leslie Wong: Can you tell us a bit more about AirProxima and what is it about the company that excites you?

Haley Hebert: I love being in an underdog position in new industries. Our founding team comes from Amazon and the technology world, and we’re applying those skills to the private aviation world to make it more accessible to everyone, not just the 1%. That’s what excites me most – partnering with the best private operators in aviation and helping them use technology to reach new customer sets they couldn’t reach previously.

More on Hailey’s background  and how she got involved in AirProxima.

LW: You left a senior role at an established digital marketing agency to go all-in at this startup, what inspired you to go for it? HH: During my time at the agency I met one of my co-founders, Bill Banta, who became my client and ultimately brought me into AirProxima (Bill is also a pilot). I worked with Bill to help him launch CENTR after his stints at Apple at Square. I took on the launch of the 360-Go-Pro-competitor as a passion project, leading the go-to-market strategy, PR, helping Banta raise more than $900,000 on Kickstarter, and eventually see it get acquired by Amazon. After that experience, I was hooked on the idea of entrepreneurship.

More on how aviation has changed and what they’re doing to disrupt it.

LW: That passion project paid off! So you made the leap. From the perspective of a millennial woman, what it’s like being a young woman co-founder working in aviation? HH: I’m in two worlds that are often a “boys club” – tech and aviation. It’s empowering – I like being in those type of worlds, changing people’s perceptions on who the key players should be and what they should look like, and attempting to break the mold.

LW: What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? HH: You know more than you think and you are more capable than you realize. Don’t let other people who “look good on paper” intimidate you.

LW: What kinds of exciting projects are you working on right now? HH: We’ve spent the last 18 months building patent-pending machine learning technology – essentially “Uber pool” for private planes. We just launched the marketplace in its beta form two months ago, and I’m excited to get customer feedback and tune to the product and see the technology evolve to the full vision we have for it.

LW: That sounds incredible and something I’ll need to try! Guys, Haley is hooking us up with some flight credit so this service is even more accessible. Use this link for 10% off any group flight!

LW: As a startup co-founder, there is never a dull moment. Versus balance, let’s talk about self-love. What does it mean to you? HH: Self-love means not being too hard on myself and knowing when to let go. It also means treating myself to a massage or a mani-pedi when things get rough and I need to take a step back!

LW: Who is one woman you look up to and why? HH: I’ve recently started reading more content from the CEO of Ellevest and her story is one I really admire and would like to emulate. She came up in the male dominated world of finance and investment banking and did a lot to change the mold in that industry and eventually launch Ellevest.

Haley is the former head of a global top 20 marketing firm and was the firm’s youngest ownership partner. She has over 10 years experience in digital commerce with Fortune 500 brands and high-growth startup companies. Find her on LinkedIn. Learn more about AirProxima at Airproxima.com or on Twitter, Instagram @AirProxima and LinkedIn.

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How To Travel In Style


Laura Tully

Traveling can be stressful. One of the dreaded parts is answering the big question: “What to wear? What to pack?”

Easy does it. Know that you are not alone. I’ve experienced the same anxiety-ridden moment when calculating how I can fit my entire closet in my carry on.

Over the years, I’ve developed a few style tips that have helped me navigate the terrain of packing. Bah-bye stress! These are tips that anyone can utilize no matter where you live or your fashion budget. Off we go!

Double duty wears

Styles that can navigate both worlds (casual and dressy) will give you options and award you the freedom of packing fewer items. THINK: A dress that can be worn with your favorite sneakers for an easy day look or dressed up with your block heel and some red lips. A slip dress, cap sleeve lace dress or shift dress are all great styles that can be used for this purpose. A silk blouse or shell can be worn with a pair of denim shorts or dressed up later with dark skinny jeans.


A lightweight jacket

If you’re anything like me I get cold just by saying the word cold. This means having a handy jacket that you can wear for those finicky airport temperatures (hello hot, cold, hot, cold) and for those cooler nights if needed. A denim jacket, a leather jacket or silk bomber are just a few styles that you can pair with many looks.

Denim rules

A great fitting pair of denim can be thrown on for easy day wear or paired with kitten heel for a cool and simple evening look. I suggest bringing a dark wash denim and a light wash distressed denim.


Heels please

Nothing changes the look of an outfit like a pair of sleek and polished heels. Amen to that! Whether it’s a kitten heel, boss lady pumps or a fun block heel style. Having one of these in your carry on arsenal will allow you to style up any dress, denim or skirt look you have.

Happy traveling my beautiful peeps and remember to keep it simple, show up as you are and of course enjoy the ride.

You can learn more and contact Laura at www.lauratully.co. She’ll be sharing style tips regularly on the Burgundy Fox blog and you can follow all her fashionable adventures on Instagram at @lauratully.co   


Edited by Nicole Fallert.

Prep For Your Summer Trip


Natalie Holbrook

The Pre-Party

The Vacation Proclamation

Hear Ye, Hear Ye…  it is about time you took that trip and blissed out in some glorious and much deserved you time! Whether that means an adventure with the girls, your significant other, family or a solo journey, congratulations on giving yourself the time to do what life is all about: ENJOYMENT! To prep for a holiday to remember, we’ve got 3 tips to do pre-vacay to keep you feeling and looking your healthiest:

  1. Sweat!

They say the best things in life make you sweaty, ain’t that the truth! Plus, there’s way more benefits to exercise than dropping a few lbs or tightening up. Sweating will not only detoxify and clear your organs, including your largest one, ahem, your skin, it will also help you to be more focused. It could be anything: running, weight-lifting, spin class, barre, whatever your forte. Just try to sweat once a day for one full week before your trip.

  1. Detox Pre-Retox!

One of the best things about vacation is the food and drinks you’ll delightfully and guiltlessly indulge.  To enjoy and still feel fantastic with absolutely no regrets, make sure your body is a clean slate prior to the trip. I recommend Dandelion Root Oil.  The root of flower has been used in Korea, Mexico to detoxify the liver, improve digestion, strengthen your immune system and maintain blood sugar levels.I recommend adding 2-3 drops to full to a liter of water. 

Also try out Lemon Oil. I suggest lemon oil vs. the actual lemon, because it is highly concentrated, and the pressed oil includes the peel, which includes more potent benefits. This will help your body eliminate toxins, add brightness to your complexion and even lift your mood. How do you think Queen Bey looks so fierce and called her album Lemonade? Add 1-3 drops into a liter of water for one week.

  1. Hydrate!  

You remember that your body is made of 65% water, right? But what does that actually mean and why do we need to drink so much of it?  Water builds your cells, metabolizes your food, regulates your internal body temperature, insulates your brain, spinal cord and organs and lubricates joints. If we get to just a 1% dehydration level, our mental and physical coordination becomes off balance. It’s important to stay as hydrated as possible before we gear up for a big event, and drinking water can be easy.


Get a one-liter water bottle (I slurp my daily liters up with a bottle that has a built in straw like this) and aim for three liters per day. Add in fruits and veggies that are water based: greens like spinach, arugula and celery, and benefit glowing skin and improved joints with watermelons and cucumbers.  

*Bonus tip: Avoid alcohol for a few weeks leading up to your trip to remove bloat, have a clearer mind, increased productivity and all around healthier, happier you!

Natalie Holbrook is a wellness expert. You can follow her on Instagram at @Livinggypset.

Edited by Nicole Fallert.




August Theme: Travel

This month is all about the wanderlust.

Whether its a staycation or a international journey, August is the time to pack up and take a trip. This is the time to don that high-rise one-piece suit we all fell for or make the moves for a healthy picnic with some besties. Or maybe take a drive to the tune of our August playlist.

This is the time to turn the tables and treat yourself with the same amount of attention you may give your career. Take the pressure off the trip by remembering it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be intentional.

Here are a few ways to make your travel #mindful:

  1. Unplug

Surely use your phone to catch up on podcasts, but leave it behind taking a walk on the beach or visiting a museum. Turn off you phone and appreciate the present. Otherwise, you may find yourself more occupied with posting photos than absorbing your destination.

2.  Express Gratitude

Everyone travels differently, whether it’s your mother or your significant other. Sometimes travel plans go awry or you can’t pick a restaurant. Keep in mind how lucky you are to be going on a trip. It helps to start or end a meal by listing favorite memories from the day with your travel companions.

3. Set Goals

Real life will resume upon you’re return, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or sad after a memorable trip. Take the time toward the end of your travels to set goals for yourself after arriving home. This way, you are looking forward to your return. Remember that your life at home can be just as fulfilling as your life on the road.