How To Travel In Style


Laura Tully

Traveling can be stressful. One of the dreaded parts is answering the big question: “What to wear? What to pack?”

Easy does it. Know that you are not alone. I’ve experienced the same anxiety-ridden moment when calculating how I can fit my entire closet in my carry on.

Over the years, I’ve developed a few style tips that have helped me navigate the terrain of packing. Bah-bye stress! These are tips that anyone can utilize no matter where you live or your fashion budget. Off we go!

Double duty wears

Styles that can navigate both worlds (casual and dressy) will give you options and award you the freedom of packing fewer items. THINK: A dress that can be worn with your favorite sneakers for an easy day look or dressed up with your block heel and some red lips. A slip dress, cap sleeve lace dress or shift dress are all great styles that can be used for this purpose. A silk blouse or shell can be worn with a pair of denim shorts or dressed up later with dark skinny jeans.


A lightweight jacket

If you’re anything like me I get cold just by saying the word cold. This means having a handy jacket that you can wear for those finicky airport temperatures (hello hot, cold, hot, cold) and for those cooler nights if needed. A denim jacket, a leather jacket or silk bomber are just a few styles that you can pair with many looks.

Denim rules

A great fitting pair of denim can be thrown on for easy day wear or paired with kitten heel for a cool and simple evening look. I suggest bringing a dark wash denim and a light wash distressed denim.


Heels please

Nothing changes the look of an outfit like a pair of sleek and polished heels. Amen to that! Whether it’s a kitten heel, boss lady pumps or a fun block heel style. Having one of these in your carry on arsenal will allow you to style up any dress, denim or skirt look you have.

Happy traveling my beautiful peeps and remember to keep it simple, show up as you are and of course enjoy the ride.

You can learn more and contact Laura at She’ll be sharing style tips regularly on the Burgundy Fox blog and you can follow all her fashionable adventures on Instagram at   


Edited by Nicole Fallert.

5 Ways To Bring Joy To Your Wardrobe

By, Laura Tully

We feel the moment when it happens. That “I love myself” reaction when you’re wearing an outfit that makes you do the happy dance. It’s one of those moments that I encourage my clients to replicate in every outfit that they wear.

Yes! Your wardrobe can make you feel all that and then some.  Style is about self expression and can release a serious dose of happy when you love what you wear. So here’s a few tips for major joy when it comes to getting dressed

1. Your Mama as been trying to tell you this all your life…Your awesome starts from the INSIDE

Buying a new item will make you feel amazing…temporarily. However, I want the “I feel great about who I am” to last beyond the purchase. This starts with acknowledging all that you love about yourself and allowing those to override the things that we aren’t so crazy about. It’s real life, we’re not perfect and that’s okay. That’s the beauty of it all. You get to bring you and all that makes you special, unique and different. The styles you choose are anchored by your self confidence and your “I love who I am, just as I am.” This is powerful because you are dictating what you put on your body with a mindfulness that is all yours.

                 Shirt: J.Crew  Shorts: H&M Shoes: Madewell Sunglasses: FETCH Bag: Rebecca Minkoff


So much about style is dictated to us. Ugh! No more. I want you to wear what makes you feel your most awesome self. If that’s all black…rock it. If that’s mixing prints, get it girl!! We have this idea that in order to be more of who we are (especially when it comes to style) we must look like each other. Style isn’t about duplicating. Fashion is about inspiration and ownership.

3. Celebrate the LOVES

We all have parts of our body that we love. Great shoulders, long legs, toned arms, curves for days, full breasts, stacked booty…I could go on. The point is to celebrate those areas that we love. A slip dress can show off those great arms and a high waisted denim can show off that waist and those curves.

4. Don’t forget the FUN!

Dress: J.Crew Shoes: Loeffler Randall 

Adding a dose of fun and play makes the process less serious, takes out the “ugh” and makes it all less about perfection. For example, these silver loafers with a leather tassel tie. They bring fun and a bit of edge to a sweet dress. Play with accessories and don’t overthink it. My go-to is usually simple makeup with a pop of red on my lips. It never fails. 

You can learn more and contact Laura at She’ll be sharing style tips regularly on the Burgundy Fox blog and you can follow all her fashionable adventures on Instagram at   

A Newlywed’s Guide To Bridal Lingerie

Bridal lingerie is a yet another tradition that can be met with confusion, awkward moments in front of Aunts and a lot of returns post-wedding. Hear how one bride managed to make the tradition her own.

A recently married Burgundy Fox customer shares the good, bad and ugly of her experience with bridal lingerie. Plus, 3 rules to make the journey more enjoyable.

By Alexis Jenkins

Everyone knows that planning a wedding is stressful, from selecting the venue to deciding whether or not to hire a calligrapher for the invitations. As a former bride-to-be, I diligently managed the planning process until it came to bridal lingerie.

Before my wedding, the only thing I knew about lingerie was Victoria’s Secret. Every time I stepped into the store, I felt a wave of intimidation and overwhelm as the Victoria’s Secret Angels stared down at me from gigantic posters on the walls. So I pushed bridal lingerie to the bottom of the wedding to-do list and focused on other things.

As the big day got closer, it came bubbling back to the top. My bridal shower was a collection of the women closest to me: my mother, fiancés mother, aunts, bridesmaids and childhood friends. After an endless brunch buffet and mimosas, it was time to open gifts. From cookbooks to cheese plates, I received just about everything, even lingerie. Here’s the problem, some of the lingerie pieces were NOT my style. From a turquoise and rhinestone bra and panty set to a leopard print push-up bra, some of my generous aunties didn’t quite get my style or size. This is when I knew, I had to take matters into my own hands.

Below are three rules I followed to help me find the perfect pieces.

Rule Number 1: Create a budget

Lingerie can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Create a budget that makes sense for your wallet. Remember to look for pieces that you can wear over and over again and not just for the wedding or honeymoon. Try a nightie or a romper, which you could wear to sleep after the wedding and could even double as a pool cover-up (no one will know!) 

Rule Number 2: Bridal lingerie isn’t only for your partner

Nothing looks sexier than confidence. When you’re trying on items, don’t worry if your partner will find it sexy. Whatever you feel comfortable in, your partner will find sexy. Lingerie doesn’t need to be extravagant in order to be sexy, it can be as simple as a sheer full-length nightgown or a matching bra and panty set. If it makes you say, “damn girl!” when you look in the mirror, your partner will echo that sentiment!

Rule 3: Bring in friendly reinforcements

I’m lucky to have amazing friends who thoughtfully brought me to a boutique to try on pieces. They made the experience fun, silly and enjoyable. Sometimes you need someone who will bring out of your comfort zone to show you just how awesome you are. 

Since purchasing lingerie for my wedding, I’ve become slightly obsessed with it, which made joining Burgundy Fox a no brainer! I feel so good slipping into a silk nightgown as I settle into bed. I love wearing a sexy two piece underneath my work clothes. Lingerie should be fun, empowering, and confident building. That’s why Burgundy Fox is the perfect solution. We should no longer accept a world that tells you to be different from who you are! Burgundy Fox embraces you by sending curated pieces that fit your exact specifications – both in style and size!

Dressing For An Outdoor Wedding

With warmer temperatures come invites to summer weddings. I love weddings. I do a little happy dance whenever a save the date appears in my mailbox. I drag the hubby or a girlfriend and get ready to rock the dance floor.

However,  we must answer a big question before the dancing commences:

What to wear to these summer weddings, especially the ones outdoors?

Don’t you fret. I’ve got your back. Here are 5 tips for choosing the perfect dress to wear to a summertime wedding so that you keep your cool.

1. Pick The Right Fabric

I try to wear fabrics that breath and don’t cling too much to my body. If you’re suddenly seated in an area that’s sun filled and hot you’re ready for it.  I tend to stay away from 100% silk because I’ve experienced the dreaded sweat stain that waves all the class you had bah-bye. My go to fabrics are: cotton, linen/ cotton blend, lace, viscose, modal, silk blend and even a light weight polyester blend. This little lace number is playful and the contrast collar adds a polished detail.

2. Keep it breezy

I’ve found that if the dress has an airy feel it’s like natural air conditioning. Awww!! I tend to look for styles that allow me to keep my cool without sacrificing the dressier look needed for a wedding. I love lace, eyelet, silk chiffon, seersucker and swiss dot.  I also tend to go with a shorter styles that allow me to move easily (hello dance floor) and keep classy all the way the home.

3. Wear shoes meant for walking and dancing

Grass and heels do not get along, so I recommend rocking a style that allows you to maneuver any type of outdoor terrain. You cannot go wrong with a block heel, wedge, sandals or fun flats like the ones I’m wearing. We all know how much happier we are when our feet are indeed happy feet!


4. Keep it simple

Yes, we know this, but we can’t help but overthink and make it more complicated than it needs to be (guilty). Since I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll pass it on to you so you can avoid the hassle. Keep the style simple and easy. You’re at this wedding to celebrate (hopefully) someone you really care about and be a part of a very important day in their lives. Show up, be yourself and have fun.

5. Include Pretty Little details  

When the temperature rises we want to wear as little as possible so accessorizing can be our savior!  When it comes to glamming up simple styles, a cool textured clutch or fun earrings are great ways to add fun to any outfit. I’m currently obsessed with this style in gold. Even the way they move makes me feel breezy.

Learn more about and contact Laura at She’ll be sharing style tips regularly here on the Burgundy Fox blog and you can follow all her stylish adventures on Instagram at   


The #EnjoyJuly Burgundy Fox Playlist

Play it from your earbuds with your phone in your back pocket or blast it in the car with your bestie for a sunny duet…this is your #EnjoyJuly playlist!

This curated list contains new sounds from artist of all genres.  Whitney’s classic rock is perfect for a poolside tune and Arcade Fire’s new tune “Everything Now” is so motivating you may find yourself breezing through that last half mile run. Basically, these songs are about to get stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Share our collection using the hashtag #EnjoyJuly and spread the love this month. It’s our treat.

Happy listening,

The Burgundy Fox Team

Modern Rustic Nursery Inspiration

We came across this sweet family photoshoot by Photography by Lisa B. and knew we had to let you in on all the oohs and awws, just in time for Father’s Day. Long gone are the days of choosing between pink, yellow or blue nursery themes. These first-time parents absolutely nailed their nursery look with a modern-rustic vibe.


The color palette they chose is both grounding for parents (blues and browns) and yet stimulating for babies (black and white). We’d be perfectly happy in this wilderness chic den, and we’re sure baby Beckett is, too.



We love the combination of textures and shapes, from the mismatched Moroccan pillows, buffalo print bedding and triangle wall decals, to some of the smaller details like pom pom and macrame accents, baby succulents in bright pots and cactus shaped drawer pulls.




And, don’t think that gorgeous ring went unnoticed. Beyond the decor, it was a joy to see adorable baby Beckett and the pure love radiating from his parents.


We’re wishing you a joyful celebration of the father figures in your life, this Sunday!

If you’re looking for a way to send some love to a new mom or mother-to-be, we just launched our Baby Box, complete with a luxurious floral kimono, Grey Lavender Bar Soap & Intensive Moisturizing Cream in one gorgeous little package. Check it out!

More about this shoot from Lisa Bonacic, Photography by Lisa B. 

When I walked into their home for the first time I was immediately inspired. My goal as a Documentary and Lifestyle photographer is to capture the true moments, relationships and emotions between each family member and being so inspired by the décor in this home, it was love at first sight, just as these new parents were the moment their baby was born. I could tell that this couple, that spent so much time and effort into creating such a beautiful home, had so much love to give and I couldn’t wait to capture that! While capturing Lifestyle and Documentary in home sessions, I typically give little to no direction to the parents as I like to capture true memories of their everyday lives. I couldn’t wait to capture every little detail of this incredible room along with these two first time parents loving their baby boy, all the snuggles, smiles and love.

This first time mom had searched on Pinterest for ideas, both for their nursery and throughout their home, and came up with this modern rustic theme for baby boys nursery (along with beautiful colors throughout their home). Every detail was thought out, from the colors, to the animals, to the blankets. I especially loved the DIY toy box that the mom created with inspiration found from Pinterest.

Ready for a heart-eye emoji attack? Visit Photography by Lisa B. to see more of her portfolio, hire her for a photo session or join a photography for parents workshop.

How to Style Lingerie into Your Everyday Wardrobe

I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of multi-tasking, except when it comes to clothes, so I love this trend I’m seeing everywhere-lingerie styled as clothes. Consider lingerie the extra shot of espresso in your everyday latte. It not only lets you get the most mileage out of a garment, but acts as a ‘jolt’ to your wardrobe and your entire day–you can take the comfort and confidence you find from lingerie you love, and share it the world. From lacy camisoles to menswear inspired PJ’s, learn how to style your lingerie and sleepwear into looks that will turn heads and keep you shining from dusk to dawn this summer.


This is one of the easier garments to work into your everyday wardrobe and also one of the simplest ways to add a bit of luxe and intrigue to your outfit.

Credit: Daily Mail

I love Khloe Kardashian’s ensemble here. She paired a bright red bra and shape wear with a matching dress and bag, plus neutral accessories that keep her overall look ‘light’ and modern.

Matching bright lingerie with a monochrome top or dress makes the outfit look completely intentional. Do you have a bright bralette that’s too pretty to hide in a drawer? While I wouldn’t call this an ‘everyday look’, Khloe’s outfit is giving us major inspiration to break it out. Not to worry, there are plenty of approachable ways to dress your undergarments down, too.


Wear it:

  • Under a plain cotton dress, long, short or midi length. The longer the arm holes the better to show off your stylish bralette.
  • With a long skirt or wide leg trousers for an outfit that feels like you’ve rolled out of bed (mission accomplished!) but looks polished. This keeps things balanced between a fitted top and loose bottom

    Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.20.02 AM
    Credit: Madalynne Intimate
  • Under a light & gauzy button-down top. This Madalynne Intimates bralette under a striped blue & white button-down, a pair of distressed denim shorts and tan slides-an easy summer look. To keep things airy and casual, I like shirts one size up, to allow for layering, tucking and tying.
  • Under a wrap-around dress or top. Wrap around tops can be beautiful and yet pesky. Skip the hassle of constantly re-adjusting your top and pick a gorgeous bralette that you’d actually want to show. Be sure to choose something you’re comfortable showing, so your final look is confident and intentional.


Wear it:

  • Under a deep v-neck t-shirt or sweater, with the front loosely tucked into a pair of jeans, shorts or slacks. 8d681314341402ce859b390d6c5a901aThis is great for the times you’d like to keep your look subtle. Tie off this layered look with a simple necklace, a bandana choker or wrapped scarf.
  • On top of a fitted t-shirt or button-down shirt, a la Clueless
  • With a thin drop necklace to add a finished element to your outfit while allowing your camisole’s neckline to take center stage
  • If you’ve got a pair of matching shorts, those can do double work, too! Pick a pair that doesn’t cling to your body. Add a loose tee, an army jacket or casual blazer, a pair of booties and a long chain necklace.


We’ve seen an influx of bodysuits in the last year and it doesn’t look like they are going away anytime soon–thank goodness, because we love how comfortable and stylish they are.

Credit: E! Online

They were all the rage at this past season’s lingerie expos and we can’t wait to share some of the Fall/Winter collections–when sleeves get longer and colors get bolder.

Much of the same principles that apply to bralettes and bras, work for bodysuits, too. They may be even more versatile because they cover your waist, if you’re not into showing midriff. Here are the many ways you can wear bodysuits at every occasion:



Wear it with:

  • Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.37.00 PM
    Credit: Thistle & Spire

    Wide leg trousers a la Kate Hudson. Flat front trousers or jeans work great for more embellished bodysuits, letting the eye focus on the details. For more simple bodysuits, add an embellished waistline, like a cinch or a tie-front belt, or an interesting belt, for visual interest.

  • Denim all day. Bodysuits have a way to lend themselves beautifully to denim bottoms and tops and is an excellent way to break up a jean jacket or vest with a denim bottom. We love this boho look created with Thistle & Spire’s bodysuit, who has an
    Burgundy Fox Modern Lingerie 2
    Credit: Madalynne Intimates

    incredible line of bodysuits that are available through Burgundy Fox.

  • High-waisted anything. This bodysuit by Madalynne Intimates is part of their new Fall/Winter collection and is available through Burgundy Fox just in time for an early fall, al fresco dinner date. We would pair it with a pleated black skirt and bright cobalt platform sandals. It would look equally chic in tailored, black or navy blue cigarette pants and black pumps.

Pajamas & Nightgowns

Untitled design (56)I’m sure you’ve been tempted to wear your PJ’s out of the house before. With the variety of stylish options available now, you totally can–and pick up style points in the process.

If you’re trying to do this PJ thing incognito, it helps to pick pajamas in colors or patterns that are similar to your existing wardrobe and wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Then, dress them up and find extra comfort knowing you’re likely the coziest person in the room.

Wear it with:

  • Skinny jeans. If you’ve got a loose top, go lean on the bottom. This even works with nightgowns that are thigh to knee length.
  • Accents. This is key to disguising your clever wardrobe hack until at least an hour passes by. Accessorize with a noticeable necklace, a watch, a solid bangle or two.
  • A fitted jacket. Nothing pulls together a look like a blazer. Wear this over a loose pajama top or nightgown and no one will ever know.

Floral Robes

Robe Kimono Old Shanhai Online
Credit: Old Shanghai Online

This is the least subtle way to wear sleepwear out, but perhaps the most comfortable, unusual and stylish. However you wear it, you’ll definitely have that ‘it’ factor and attract a few stares, maybe some photos and definitely lots of compliments.


  • A form-fitting dress. There’s no denying I am obsessed with this look, styled with an Old Shanghai Online kimono. Wearing a fitted dress under a robe gives it the structure it needs to avoid looking sloppy or frumpy.
  • Bodysuits. The ultimate in comfort, will you ever wear ‘real’ clothes again? To keep things polished, pair it with a fitted pencil skirt, skinny jeans or go boho with patchwork cropped pants.
  • Distressed denim jeans or shorts. Pair it with a loose tee and open toe booties. This is the perfect way to tone down a feminine garment and give it a bit of edge.

Now that you’re equipped with several different ways to wear lingerie, sleepwear and robes out of the house, what new look will you try this summer? Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.39.55 PMAbove all, we know that comfort and confidence is the best accessory–so experiment with these looks and see which work for you. Burgundy Fox subscriptions include all the garment types you read about: bralette & underwear sets, matching camisoles & shorts, bodysuits, pajamas and nightgowns, and robes–so you can experiment with new looks every month or quarter. Let us know which style tips you enjoyed the most and share your new outfits using #burgundyfox #allbodiesallminds @burgundyfoxco.


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One time (11) copyLeslie Wong is the Founder of Burgundy Fox, a subscription lingerie brand on a mission to celebrate all bodies and empower women to love themselves. Burgundy Fox strives to create a more inclusive shopping experience and a kinder message about beauty for women now and in the future.