Fearless Fox Profile: Haley Hebert, Cofounder AirProxima

Haley Hebert is the CMO & Co-Founder of AirProxima. Haley’s focus at AirProxima is on using new technology and machine learning to broaden the accessibility of the charter industry. Reaching new customers (not just the 1%) with a better way to travel is her passion. Her personal motto: Be Kind.


Leslie Wong: Can you tell us a bit more about AirProxima and what is it about the company that excites you?

Haley Hebert: I love being in an underdog position in new industries. Our founding team comes from Amazon and the technology world, and we’re applying those skills to the private aviation world to make it more accessible to everyone, not just the 1%. That’s what excites me most – partnering with the best private operators in aviation and helping them use technology to reach new customer sets they couldn’t reach previously.

More on Hailey’s background  and how she got involved in AirProxima.

LW: You left a senior role at an established digital marketing agency to go all-in at this startup, what inspired you to go for it? HH: During my time at the agency I met one of my co-founders, Bill Banta, who became my client and ultimately brought me into AirProxima (Bill is also a pilot). I worked with Bill to help him launch CENTR after his stints at Apple at Square. I took on the launch of the 360-Go-Pro-competitor as a passion project, leading the go-to-market strategy, PR, helping Banta raise more than $900,000 on Kickstarter, and eventually see it get acquired by Amazon. After that experience, I was hooked on the idea of entrepreneurship.

More on how aviation has changed and what they’re doing to disrupt it.

LW: That passion project paid off! So you made the leap. From the perspective of a millennial woman, what it’s like being a young woman co-founder working in aviation? HH: I’m in two worlds that are often a “boys club” – tech and aviation. It’s empowering – I like being in those type of worlds, changing people’s perceptions on who the key players should be and what they should look like, and attempting to break the mold.

LW: What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? HH: You know more than you think and you are more capable than you realize. Don’t let other people who “look good on paper” intimidate you.

LW: What kinds of exciting projects are you working on right now? HH: We’ve spent the last 18 months building patent-pending machine learning technology – essentially “Uber pool” for private planes. We just launched the marketplace in its beta form two months ago, and I’m excited to get customer feedback and tune to the product and see the technology evolve to the full vision we have for it.

LW: That sounds incredible and something I’ll need to try! Guys, Haley is hooking us up with some flight credit so this service is even more accessible. Use this link for 10% off any group flight!

LW: As a startup co-founder, there is never a dull moment. Versus balance, let’s talk about self-love. What does it mean to you? HH: Self-love means not being too hard on myself and knowing when to let go. It also means treating myself to a massage or a mani-pedi when things get rough and I need to take a step back!

LW: Who is one woman you look up to and why? HH: I’ve recently started reading more content from the CEO of Ellevest and her story is one I really admire and would like to emulate. She came up in the male dominated world of finance and investment banking and did a lot to change the mold in that industry and eventually launch Ellevest.

Haley is the former head of a global top 20 marketing firm and was the firm’s youngest ownership partner. She has over 10 years experience in digital commerce with Fortune 500 brands and high-growth startup companies. Find her on LinkedIn. Learn more about AirProxima at Airproxima.com or on Twitter, Instagram @AirProxima and LinkedIn.

Credit: Models @maryyxoxoo @ianjalvarez Photographer @imagesbykali

Kasia Szczerbinski, Owner of Joyeux Juridique

burgundyfox-215.jpgBurgundy Fox model Kasia Szczerbinski is an attorney at law based out of Chicago. She is a freshly licensed lawyer with her own side hustle, Joyeux Juridique, that focuses on finding the joy in legal services and drafting plain English agreements that her clients can actually understand. Kasia is no stranger to drafting – she’s had experience drafting legislation at the county and state levels, she served as a pediatric lawyer working in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations courts, and she’s an ALTA-certified French Legal Language translator. More recently, she’s been published in places such as the Children’s Legal Rights Journal and on The LawTog’s blog.


Leslie Wong: You’ve done a lot of things that would make me/people sick with nerves, like the LSAT, law school, and bar exams. Tell us where you find the self-confidence to get through it all and what that journey has been like for you?
KS: I have the most amazing support system. My friends and family are the absolute best. Things have not always been the easiest and I’ve had my fair share of setbacks. But I know I have these cheerleaders in my corner for me that will show up, rain or shine. When it’s hard to believe in myself, I can take comfort in knowing that my support system is filled with amazing people. I trust their judgment, so, if they’re able to believe in me, I know that I can get through.
This past fall, I had a big set back – I failed the bar exam. I had taken the Illinois bar and I missed the mark. It was truly devastating – that kind of stuff really messes with your mojo. It was hard to get back up to do it again, and I would not have been able to do it without so many amazing people raising me up when I needed it the most. It really does take a village and I love that my village always makes me feel right at home with myself, no matter where I am in the world.
LW: Have you encountered pushback as a woman in the legal profession? If so, how do you/have you overcome it?
Oh, definitely. Law is a boys’ club in a lot of ways still, despite all of the amazing women who have joined the profession. Depending on the day, it can range from being a slight annoyance to something that really gets me down. To overcome it, I just have to push myself to be better. I have to be able to do everything a male candidate can do, and I have to be able to do it better, wearing lipstick and heels.
I also try to consciously support the other women around me. Way too often, women are pitted against each other professionally as though there’s this unspoken rule that there can only be one. It’s this weird trap that forces women to go head to head with one another, and that’s no go. It’s a pretty surefire way to make sure you have an arch nemesis and it means that you’re wasting your time fighting one battle with one person while the rest of the war is going on without you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A rising tide lifts all boats – we all can get so much farther by supporting one another when we can and by focusing on standing out from the group as a whole based off of our accomplishments and capabilities.


Way too often, women are pitted against each other professionally as though there's this unspoken rule that there can only be one..png


LW: Tell us about the launch of Joyeaux Juridique. What made you want to start this business?
Right after I graduated law school, I had a summer looming ahead of me filled with studying for the bar exam. I just really needed something more. I was feeling really insecure about the exam and about my finances, and then a great friend of mine started talking to me about entrepreneurship. She told me about the work that she does, how she’s able to do the work remotely, and how rewarding it has been for her to help other people solve their problems, and I was sold. I already had so much experience in the field without ever realizing that it was even an option I could pursue.
It took a few months for me to really get in the swing of things, but I’m finally in a place where I’m taking my side hustle seriously and I absolutely love it. My focus has shifted since first opening my business – I’m less VA-orientated now and more legally inclined – but the drive to problem solve and find creative solutions is definitely still there.


LW: How do you take time to celebrate yourself?
I am a huge supporter of “Wine and Whine” nights. There are few things that I like more than putting my feet up with my pals, cracking open a bottle (or box) of wine, and chatting about what’s been going on. It’s a great way to relieve stress.
Plus, I’m of the opinion that venting is super important. If you do it the right way, it allows you to productively get things off your chest to a neutral partner. So, when you actually have to deal with whatever it is that is frustrating you, you’ve already worked through the anger and annoyance and can focus on addressing the actual issue itself.


LW: If you could share some wisdom with your younger self, what would it be? 
Stop being so hard on yourself. There will always be people that don’t like you for whatever reason, but you shouldn’t let those people overshadow the others that love you without rhyme or reason.


LW: Tell us about something exciting you’re working on now.
I recently just started planning my first e-course! It’s going to focus on the deadly don’t for businesses from a legal perspective. Hopefully, I’ll be launching by the end of the summer/early fall.


LW: Name one woman you admire and why? 
Oh, this one is easy. Anne Boleyn. I have been her biggest fan for so long. I remember, in middle school, we had a “Living Wax Museum” project where everyone was supposed to dress up as someone famous and be able to talk about that person’s life. My classmates were all celebrities and athletes and… I was Anne Boleyn. Anyways.
She was such a tragically misunderstood character in history because she was so ahead of her time. AB was absolutely brilliant – she was witty and ambitious, and she never stopped. That kind of powerhouse drive is so inspirational. During a time where women were supposed to fit in a very specific box, she found a way to affect true change. She took control of her own destiny, started fashion trends (her infamous French hood showed some of her hair – how scandalous!), and made a name for herself.
Basically, she would have been a Fearless Fox.
Check out  www.joyeuxjuridique.com and follow Kasia on Instagram @polskakas

Shaunae Teske, Photographer & Educator

I’m so excited to introduce our next Fearless Fox, Shaunae Teske, wedding photographer & educator from Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is a must read if you’re side hustling and wanting to make the jump to full-time, without all the nail-biting anxiety–she’s done it right, guys!


The first time I met her was at a creative conference in Charleston, South Carolina. She spoke to a group of 100 or so creatives about leadership and along the way had the room cracking up at mentions of her crazy cat lady life. What struck me above all the speakers was that she made me feel comfortable. She seemed so comfortable with herself, that it made me instantly fall in love with her and feel like I wanted to be her bestie, few people I’ve met speaking at conferences have that quality.

Who is Shaunae? Besides a Wisconsin based cat lover, yogi and educational speaker (I hail her as the content queen) Shaunae is a destination photographer specializing in classically romantic wedding photography. She is also touts herself as a real-life optimist–how can we not love that? She whole-heartedly believes in building a strong community of photographers, creatives, and small business owners to support each other in hard times and cheer each other on in good times.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.24.32 PM

Shaunae adores genuine love stories, real moments, long embraces, and photographs that stand the test of time. For real, I just spent 20 minutes looking all over her site and Instagram feed for a photo she took, that was stuck in my head. After searching, then wracking my brain about where it came from, I realized it was a photo of her family she shared when she spoke at the Kreativ Workshop,  a month ago. She let us into her life and shared a story of a loved one lost, too soon. That is the gift that Shaunae has, wholeheartedly welcoming people into her life and sharing vivid, memorable stories that last beyond a lifetime.

You exude life wherever you go, tell us where you find your self-confidence and what that journey has been like for you? 

Self-confidence wasn’t something that always came easy for me. It was something that I had to work on daily. What I realized was that I was trying so hard to be like everyone else when I needed to focus on being the best version of me. As soon as I started accepting myself for who I truly am, everything fell into place. Self-confidence is about loving who you are, flaws and all, and owning it!

AGH, love that. Daily mantra material. It seems like that finding that acceptance played a bit part in starting Shaunae Teske Photography. What made you want to start your business? 

I always wanted to own my own business, my mom is an entrepreneur and I feel like it was just in my blood. At 17 years old, I graduated high school early and left for college in Massachusetts. As soon as I graduated, I launched my business at 20 years old, ready to take on the world as a destination wedding photographer. I worked odd jobs until I could go full time and pushed myself to keep building my business. 

That’s great direction you had. You say odd jobs, but you actually worked at a huge corporation! What was it like to make the switch from corporate to self-employed and do you have advice for someone looking to make that leap? 

It was definitely a crazy mix of emotions when I finally went full-time. My mind flooded with excitement, nervousness, anxiety, and the ultimate feeling of freedom. I knew I was about to embark on either the greatest adventure of my life or the biggest failure but I didn’t care. I knew with all my heart that this is what I wanted to do so it didn’t matter. My advice to others looking to do the same is to make sure you are super passionate about your side hustle. Once you go full-time, it might consume your life for a while, be ready for it. Also, do your best to prepare for it. If we let our emotions take over, we might not be ready. Make sure you have enough money saved and a nearly full calendar of jobs before you go full-time. Then LEAP…and the net will appear. 

You’ve mentioned in your last job that you experienced some pushback as a young, woman leader. How did you over come this and has it made you a stronger business owner now?

Before I went full-time as a wedding photographer, I was a manager for a department of only men. As a young, 20-something female, leading a group of middle-aged men, I received pushback DAILY. Everyday I had to mentally prepare myself to handle the harassment and berating I experienced. But I had a plan, a plan to save enough money and go full time so I didn’t let their comments and their actions stop me. If anything, it pushed me to be better and prove that I could do my job better than anyone else…and I did! It showed me how to love people instead of tear them apart and that being a leader doesn’t come without responsibilities and opposition. After I passed that test, I knew I could handle anything!

Amidst your packed schedule now, how do you take care of yourself?

I schedule days off! I no longer work Sundays and dedicate that time to my family and friends. It’s SO important to find balance in your life or else you’ll burn out! I also try to do some type of physical activity every day to shut off my mind. My favorites include going to the gym, running on the trail, doing yoga, or attending a Pure Barre class.

Tell us what exciting things you’re working on right now.

Wedding Season has started! I’m currently photographing gorgeous weddings every weekend. I’m also planning a few new workshops for creatives and mapping out my travel/conference schedule for the year. I’m in a new city every month and I love it!

Name one woman you admire and why?

It’s probably so cheesy but I have to say my mom. Not only did she raise me and my sister but she also launched four businesses, took care of our home, and took care of our family members whenever they needed someone. She’s seriously the strongest yet most patient and understanding person I know and I hope to be just like her one day.

shaunae-teske-bts-1 (1)

And that ends this interview on a very sweet note. It was a blast to hang with Shaunae and hear more about her evolution from determined want-repreneur to budding business owner to established educator for creatives. Follow along and get to know this Fearless Fox on her Instagram @ShaunaeTeske and her site for photography & education, Shaunae.com.

About The Author

One time (11) copyLeslie Wong is the Founder of Burgundy Fox, a subscription lingerie brand on a mission to celebrate all bodies and empower women to love themselves. Burgundy Fox strives to create a more inclusive fashion experience and a kinder message about beauty for women now and in the future.

Erica Liu Williams, Founder of gr8nola

Check out that tee! Meet Fearless Fox, Erica Liu Williams, the Owner/Founder of gr8nola. I had the pleasure of working alongside Erica in a previous job where she ran a sales team and later operations (she’s the one who keeps everyone in line). Erica graduated Stanford in 2008 with her BA and MA from Stanford University where she also competed on the Women’s Swim Team. Growing up in Silicon Valley, she started her career in tech. Her love for startups, combined with her passion for healthy living & food, led her to start her own healthy granola company, gr8nola, which is supplied at Google, Dropbox and Uber and other Bay Area tech companies. During her free time, you can find her lifting heavy weights at the gym or planning her next international getaway.

I think anyone who knows you would agree, you carry yourself like a total boss. Tell us where you find your self-confidence and what that journey has been like for you? I think it starts with how I was raised. My mom always tells me that she intentionally raised us (I am 1 of 3 kids) to be very confident, because it was something she was always lacking from a young age. I remember as a young kid, she used to force me to do cold calls when I had questions and needed to figure something out. I used to HATE talking to strangers! Over the years, I applied myself in academics and athletics (more so in the latter ;), and through the very nature of having to work hard, overcome obstacles and achieve goals, I’ve continued to build my confidence in different arenas of life — whether it’s personal or within business.

We know the story of why you started gr8nola (see how it got started here). Now that you’re years into operating the company, what fuels you to make gr8nola ‘gr8er’? 🙂 First, gr8nola is my passion! I’m obsessed with food AND health, so the fact that I’m creating not just a product but advocating a lifestyle around delicious & clean eating (and that they don’t need to be mutually exclusive) is what motivates me to keep pushing. Also, my brand is still young and unknown, and I have huge aspirations to share it with the entire world, one person at a time, and make everyone “hungry for gr8ness” 🙂

How did you know when you were onto something ‘gr8’ with gr8nola? Did you have some misses along the way? Were you ever met with negativity?
How do you stay positive?
With my product, the great thing is that you can get feedback instantly — food is simple and granola doesn’t take much education or behavior change. When I launched my business at the farmers market (which is how it all began), I pretty much knew right away that I had an amazing product—you can just see/hear the feedback. That got further validated once I started getting invited to various snack fairs at tech companies (like Google, Uber, Twitter), when my product actually had to get “voted in” by employees (and I got into all 3!). So gauging based on customer feedback has been key. As far as misses – yes, absolutely! I didn’t “always” get the deal or get in with distributors right away, but persistency and continuing to build the relationship has enabled me to close those deals [sometimes years later]. 

Amidst your packed schedule, how do you take care of yourself? I work out regularly, eat clean (most of the time) and try to stick to a regular sleep cycle. I feel like if you don’t take care of your health you can’t be your greatest self, so it all starts there. BUT, that’s not to say that the diet doesn’t slip here and there — which is why I do an annual cleanse after every holiday/football season (which is what prompted me to create gr8nola in the first place!) to reset my body, which then resets my mind & motivation!

Tell us what exciting things you’re working on right now. Oh gosh let’s see…this summer I’ll be going through a complete rebrand of my logo, design and packaging, which is super exciting! Also, I’m going to be getting back into the kitchen to come up with new flavors, so I can get ready to get into retail next year!

Erica with bag
Name one woman you admire and why?
My Grandma – an immigrant from China who came from nothing, fought relentlessly to establish her career in Accounting in the US with no family support, while raising 2 kids as a young widow. She has left a legacy of hard, honest work, a beautiful family and huge shoes to fill. I hope I am making her proud from up above! Funny story: When I did the local farmers market, she would always come and be a “secret” shopper. Anytime a person came to by booth, she would pretend to be another random customer and go, “Have you ever tried this granola? It’s delicious!” Lol, she was the best. 

To learn more about Erica and gr8nola, head over to gr8nola.com or follow her journeys (and hilarious hub who makes cameo appearances) at https://www.instagram.com/gr8nola


Laura Tully, Style & Wardrobe Expert

When I met Laura at a Rising Tide Society event in Los Angeles a year ago, I felt a special energy about her. It could have been the killer outfit and hair, but no–beyond that, she exuded an authentic, effortless, comfortable yet polished vibe all-at once–and after getting to know Laura better, I can see that this is her signature style. Laura more than styles, she brings all the glorious soul and unique  personality from the inside, out.  

She knows herself well and treasures the important things in life–ingredients to pull off that air of comfortable confidence I recognized immediately. We’re thrilled to welcome Laura to the Burgundy Fox Blog team as a Style Contributor. This means you’ll be seeing more of Laura in takeovers, behind-the-scenes glimpses of her styling projects, tons of style tips to take us from season to season feeling our best, and tips on how you can style your Burgundy Fox lingerie every month. Let’s jump into Q&A: 

Laura, we’re pretty sure you have the dream job. What’s it like to be a fashion stylist? As fashion and wardrobe stylist, my expertise in fashion goes beyond putting on a great outfit. When I work with my clients, I recognize their individual beauty. Through style, I’m able to show them ways to celebrate all of their strengths and personality in a modern, refined way. As a Personal Shopper, I work to bridge the gap between high fashion imagery in magazines and accessible everyday wear. I’m not here to copy what we see in magazines. I’m here to show you that beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence and can be delivered in a fabulous outfit that is all you.

Beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence.Tweet: Beauty is self-love wrapped in confidence. @burgundyfoxco https://ctt.ec/mct90+

I absolutely love that. Speaking of confidence, what gives you that unmistakable air of confidence? 
Being comfortable in my own skin. I use to feel it was necessary to constantly combat what I was naturally given. Long limbs that I wasn’t always certain what to do with, curly wild hair that wasn’t the norm around me and a boyish shape that made me feel less like a woman. I learned to appreciate my long limbs (can I grab that for you in the top cupboard? 😉 I stopped straightening my curly mane and a few slight curves popped up that made me appreciate the beauty of being a woman. The less you try to fit in, the better you fit with yourself and it can impact all areas of your life with purpose. Top that off with an outfit that slays and you can conquer anything. 

The less you try to fit in, the better you fit with yourself.Tweet: The less you try to fit in, the better you fit with yourself @burgundyfoxco https://ctt.ec/mct90+

How has that experience of learning over time, to embrace your natural self shaped your relationship with style and fashion?
My mission as a personal stylist and fashion blogger is to eliminate the exclusivity that can come with fashion. I want each and every person that I work with to know that he/ she can look and feel their most amazing self by embracing all that makes them unique.

You clearly honed your sense of style, when it comes to nurturing your soul, how do you show yourself love?

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 12.59.46 AM.png
Photo credit: @katenoelle

It’s a combination of things but many connecting with what gives me pure joy.  It can be as simple as Sunday mornings in bed with all my magazines that I have yet to devour. Vino and a heavy chat session with one or few of my best babes. Hanging with the hubby and my stepdaughter. Whether it’s skiing, rafting or camping, it allows me to reset. I can just be with them completely. No phones allowed 🙂

Going phone-free is so soul-restoring! I was enamored by your collaboration in the latest Belong Magazine. Can you tell us what you’re working on right now?
I’m working on a few collaboration projects with photographers and local brands. They’re people who inspire me and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to create with them. I was also invited to be the official wardrobe stylist sponsor for TEDx Boise. It’s been a blast getting to know and style a few of these awesome speakers. I’m also planning the details of my next fashion workshop and I cannot wait to share!  

Yes! It was fun watching your last workshop on Instagram Stories. Whoa, styling TEDx speakers?! How do you determine the right look to help these speakers further shine?
I’m intrigued by people and their stories. So I ask questions in an easy, I’m your homegirl kind of way and listen. It reveals a great deal. They have something important that’s worth sharing. That’s the power of TEDx. I work to connect the dots with their story and personality which allows their words to shine. The outfit acts as this awesome supporting role, anchoring them to feel and look their best.

Name one woman you admire and why?
That is a really hard question to answer, simply because I admire so many amazing women. I’ve started reading the biography of Harriet Tubman. Reading her story has certainly connected me to the relentless effort that goes along with claiming freedom. It dives into her life as a child and women driven with so much stacked against her. It’s this will that I’m humbled by and it gives me perspective when it comes to embracing my own courage. We have more than we can even begin to imagine.

We have more than we can even begin to imagine.Tweet: We have more than we can even begin to imagine @burgundyfoxco https://ctt.ec/mct90+

You can learn more about and contact Laura at www.lauratully.co. She’ll be sharing style tips regularly here on the Burgundy Fox blog and you can follow all her stylish adventures on Instagram at @lauratully.co   

Dannie Lynn Fountain, Strategist, Author, Educator

Dannie Lynn Fountain has graced the screens of Burgundy Fox in our latest photoshoot. Let’s get behind the lace of this fearless fox and learn what lights her up, how she balances the jet-set life and the woman leader who inspires her. Side note, Dannie would kill me for saying jet-set, living from a suitcase is tough and Dannie shares a bit more about how she finds calm amidst a fast-moving schedule. Let’s learn a bit about Dannie.

DaniApartment-2.jpgDannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Earning her business acumen working in marketing for brands such as Whirlpool and H&R Block, she has a combined 9 years experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. She works with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic plans and processes to better their business and increase their sales. Dannie is the author of three books on entrepreneurship, a regular speaker on strategy worldwide and a digital nomad. Dannie’s work has been submitted to and recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, and more.

Reading her bio, I feel like I’ve walked through a wind tunnel of accomplishment and badassery-my hair might be stuck like this for days. Let’s get into some Q’s & A’s:

You have an impressive list of accomplishments, but tell us what personally gives you confidence?
My personality type is ENFJ and my enneagram is #2, so a lot of my natural confidence comes from helping others. There’s nothing I love more than being able to illuminate a solution to a problem that a friend is having, recommend the perfect cocktail to a first date, or find the most soulful song to suit the moment. The look of joy on the other person’s face when they experience my selection is the best confidence booster out there, plus, who doesn’t want to help a friend!

Amidst your packed schedule on the road or in a plane, how do you show yourself love?
This is something that I wrestle with on the daily. I’m working with Drew Kutcher over at The Kutcher Method to keep my physical self in check (think: Ironman preparedness workouts, healthy options for eating on the road, motivation to get to the gym as frequently as possible, etc). As far as mental health goes, I’m actually in love with the Maven app. I get to video chat with all kinds of doctors while I’m on the road (including my amazing therapist)!

I also try really hard to schedule in personal time. I’m single, so I try to date / meet new people, which has been quite the adventure as a nomad. I read lots of books (I recently finished Scrappy Little Nobody and I’m currently reading You Can’t Touch My Hair). I listen to music. I dance barefoot around whatever bedroom I happen to be staying in. I drink whiskey (and whiskey sours and scofflaws and anything else that has whiskey in it).

Thanks for those tips! I can’t wait to read those books. Tell us what you’re working on right now. 
Right now, I’m in this wild transitional phase. I’ve grown tremendously as a business owner in the past 9 months or so and I’m trying to capitalize on that growth, but I’m also exploring new opportunities that might completely change the trajectory of my life. Many folks find it frustrating to be in a time such as this, but I’m using it to explore what I really want out of life and what my true hopes and dreams are.

Name one woman you admire and why?
It’s hard to choose just one woman to mention here, because I truly have gained so much knowledge from a variety of women in my life. I’m a firm believer in the idea that we’re impacted by every life that touches ours and that we can derive life-changing beliefs or habits from the briefest of interactions. If I had to choose one woman specifically, I’d have to choose Natalie Franke. They say to never meet your heroes because they won’t live up to the image you have in your mind. Natalie is the absolute antithesis of this statement – Natalie and I have gone from vague internet acquaintances to collaborative partners within Rising Tide to team members to (dare I say it) friends and she’s one of the few people I know that is consistently true to herself in every touchpoint. I admire her genuine heart, the way she unintentionally lifts people up in the moments they need it most, and the way she pairs a solid brain for business with a pure heart for community. She’s the one hero I’ve met that absolutely blew me away in person as much as she had in my mind.

We love Dannie because she is ultra confident in her abilities as a strategic consultant and yet so humble about the growth she’s created for her client’s businesses and her own. Tune into @BurgundyFoxCo this Wednesday as Dannie takes over our Stories!

You can learn more about and contact Dannie at www.danniefountain.com. For on-the-fly marketing tips and glimpses into her cross-country adventures, follow her on Instagram at @dannielynnfountain 

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