Dare To Bare New York City

by Leslie Wong

On October 1st, hundreds of women, girls and a few good men will meet in Union Square Park, New York City, to sweat it out in the name of self-empowerment through movement. This bi-coastal event is called Dare To Bare and is hosted by Movemeant Foundation. Read more about Movemeant Foundation and why they are one of the non-profits we donate to. The goal of this event is to raise $20,000 for Movemeant Foundation which goes to support physical activity programs and athletic scholarships for girls from public middle schools–a time when girls physically mature and become more aware of how their bodies are perceived by media and society. We support Movemeant Foundation for their efforts on promoting a narrative of women’s bodies and minds that is one of strength, action, power and community.

20160217_sheplayswewinhailee425Meet us in New York City at Dare To Bare and help Movemeant Foundation reach their goal. Register here! Every class you sign-up forgets us closer to building a society that promotes active and strong females. Can’t make it to Dare To Bare? Donations are accepted, too.

Burgundy Fox donates 10% of all profits to non-profits that empower women and girls. When you purchase from Burgundy Fox, you choose the non-profit from a list of vetted partners, including Movemeant Foundation. Learn more about Movemeant Foundation on their blog and website.

Movemeant Foundation enables women to feel confident about their bodies by empowering them with the tools to be active.  By using fitness and physical movement as the primary platform for social change, we strive to be a catalyst for creating a new era of healthy, strong and self-assured young women.


Behind the Brand: Our Style Profile Makeover

By Stephanie Aguilar and Alexis Jenkins

After months of listening to your feedback, we are excited to launch a new and improved Burgundy Fox Style Profile! The new profile dives deeper into your personal style, fit preference, proportions and in general, what you’d like to see in your Burgundy Fox box.

So what’s new?

  • New product options. There is now the ability to select between various bra and underwear options. Whether you’re a fan of lightly padded bras, unlined and wire-free bralettes, hipster underwear or thongs, the improved Style Profile is tailored to help us learn more about the things you love, so we can curate something unique and yet perfect for you, in every box.
  • New body type options. Burgundy Fox caters to all bodies whether you’re petite, plus size, or have legs for days. With the hundreds of body variations that exist, we’ve included new questions so we can send you highly personalized intimates that flatter you.
  • New style options. Just like your body, we know your personal style is unique too, so we’ve revamped the style portion of the quiz to get a better understanding of what you like & dislike. What styles of clothing do you steer towards or veer away from? What colors and patterns you love or loathe? How adventurous do you want your lingerie to be? You can choose from comfortable, classic, bold, and alluring. Each category turns up the heat just a bit from opaque cotton fabrics to sheer, barely there numbers.
  • Make updates at any time. We know that life is full of changes and events. From moving cities to a new relationship to pregnancy and nursing, we encourage you to let us know when we can help adjust your preferences so your transition can feel seamless. In addition to emailing us at support@burgundyox.com, you can update your Style Profile at any time to accommodate changing preferences, updates in size, or special occasions.
  • More ‘goodie’ options. Whether you’re buying Burgundy Fox for yourself or someone else, we want every box to feel like a gift. If you’re a Burgundy Fox member, you know we like to spoil you with surprise bath or beauty products in every box. We took your feedback and are offering an even wider array of special gifts including lotions, soaps, face masks, makeup and jewelry–anything that makes you feel loved. Let us know if you have allergies, aversions to certain scents or special requests. You can probably tell ‘TMI’ holds no meaning around here.
  • Sending gifts just got easier. We’ve created a way for you to send lingerie or sleepwear without ever having to guess her size, style preferences and body proportions–a win-win for everyone! Choose between a Birthday Box, Boss Box, Bachelorette or Bridal Box, and we’ll do the leg work on getting her Style Profile completed (without ruining the surprise).

Without further adieu, we invite you to take it for a spin.

200 x 50 Small CTA (1)


We hope you enjoy these improvements as much as we do. Know a friend that needs to upgrade her unmentionables? Invite her to start a Style Profile. For every 3 friends who join Burgundy Fox, you get a month free! Get your referral link here. Thank you for your love, support and feedback, keep it coming 🙂

Alexis Jenkins is the Co-founder and Head of Product at Burgundy Fox. Stephanie Aguilar is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Burgundy Fox. Share your feedback on the Style Profile with Alexis at alexis@burgundyfox.com.

Curve Expo Lingerie & Swim Show Recap

By Leslie Wong

6 months ago, I came to NYC for the Curve Expo Lingerie and Swim Show without a defined business plan, a website or a single dollar sold. It was the end of February 2017, about a month after I had cut the cord of my full-time job with a company that for several years had fulfilled my entrepreneurial passion and filled me with purpose. I liken leaving a job like that to forcing yourself out of bed on a cold day, when your alarm is ringing for the 3rd time and you know you have some serious sh*t to get done. I was ready to start my own entrepreneurial journey and one of my first steps was heading to Curve Expo NYC, hoping to find answers that would help me create this new business I dreamt up. In some ways, I think I was seeking validation, that I was actually ‘doing’ this. I wasn’t just unemployed, I was an entrepreneur! That first show was great exposure to the industry, but I look back and realize how little I knew. I attended the show looking for things I thought were cute, subconsciously seeking out brands that carried straight sizing and would fit my own frame.

Fast forward to August 2017, my second time at Curve Expo, and I can say the experiences were night and day. I told a friend, I was at least 80% more prepared (I’ve still got a ways to go, and in business you can’t be 100% prepared). Since February, I have gathered a lot more information and approached the show with a new sense of direction. In the last 6 months, I have begun to understand and empathize with the needs of women who are not sized like me. To say we carry ‘all sizes’ is a both a great responsibility and a great opportunity. It’s our opportunity to match our customers with products that make them feel incredible and add to their empowered, confident life. This is not something we can afford to take lightly. 

So, I walked into the Javits Convention Center like a student, in search of products and education that would allow me to tackle this responsibility. If we talk the talk, we must walk the walk. Like a classic Virgo CEO, I take to lists, so I’ve come up with my top 3 takeaways from the show. They are: 

  1. Bras are a science. Mad respect for the bra fitters and designers out there. I grew up with a best friend who had lamented her breasts since we were 11 years old. As a 34B, I sympathized but never fully understood the physical and emotional discomfort associated with having large breasts until I started this business. I’ve heard from women with A and AA sizes, who face the same level of insecurity, scrutiny and embarrassment about their size. Just like all of us are different, so are the bras that flatter and support us. Supporting our girls the right way is a science and form of engineering that bra designers have spent decades perfecting. Bra fit is more complicated and varied than any other garment I can think of and can carry over 50 SKU’s (unique variations) of 1 type of bra in 1 color. This made me think of the criticism that bra brands and retailers receive for not offering a wider range of band and cup sizes, but that is for another post. I’m thankful to people like Hurray Kimmay and Little Miss Undie who educate consumers on bra fit. According to a 2008 survey conducted by bra manufacturer Triumph and published in the journal Chiropractic & Osteopathy, a whopping 80% of woman do not know their correct bra size. I’m also thankful to brands like Blush Lingerie, Silent Arrow and Elomi who are making trendy AF (is that proper blog form?) bras in fuller cups and more band sizes. Full figured friends, rejoice–you know we’re bringing them to a Burgundy Fox box near you. 
    Blush Lingerie
    Curvy Couture

    Blush Lingerie
  2. Lingerie is an art. One of my favorite parts of the show is meeting the fascinating designers behind the brands. I know I’m new to this industry, but I majorly geeked out when I realized mid-presentation, that I was talking with THE designers of major labels, like Linda Hartman and Flora Nikrooz. Both women are just that–women. Artful, mature, confident, strong and incredible women. As you look at these collections, you realize how unique each brand and collection is from one another. Each season, they are seeking a new form of artistic expression, reinventing how women will feel like their most beautiful selves It’s powerful stuff and it reads in every collection. I was thrilled to spend time with the designers of Silent Arrow, a Melbourne based design duo who designs from a place of ‘rad(ical)’ style and “user empathy” as technology product managers would say. A a mother of three, Kelly Barrett, created the rockstar of all nursing bras, it’s black, strappy, supportive, absorbent and has magnetic brass clasps that are sleek and close in a millisecond. Empowering mothers to confidently feed their babies anywhere? Now that’s artful, scientific and political. 
    Linda Hartmann Intimates

    The Rya Collection
  3. Change is our friend. I have come across brands who will not sell to e-commerce retailers or subscription boxes. Every business should do what makes sense for them, however I can’t help but want to push back. The National Retail Federation expects that online retail will grow 8-12%, up to three times higher than the growth rate of the wider industry. I was excited to meet with Natori, a staple in the lingerie industry, who not only openly welcomes e-commerce retailers but has started utilizing social media as a way to market, grow brand equity and boost sales from retailers and direct. Aside from brands adapting to the changing consumer buying landscape, I also welcome change. Change of brands and product, of how we are meeting our market’s needs, even the way we structure our business. One of my new favorite quotes is “fall in love with the problem, not the solution”. This is critical for us remember as we seek to solve problems in new ways. We’re excited to learn more information from you and to continue building Burgundy Fox together.

Leslie Wong is the CEO and Co-founder of Burgundy Fox. You can contact her at leslie@burgundyfox.com and on Twitter and Instagram @burgundyfoxco

Burgundy Fox Announces Co-Founder, Alexis Jenkins

Hey Fearless Foxes, 

I’m Alexis, and I’m ecstatic to be joining the Burgundy Fox team and community. I’d like to take this opportunity to share who I am. I’m from the East Coast, born and raised (a Jersey girl to my core, I don’t pump my own gas, sorry not sorry.) After attending Wheaton College in Massachusetts, I spent a couple of years on a journey learning more about myself and then moved to San Francisco.

My time in San Francisco was crucial in helping me to discover the type of person I want to be. I realized that I wanted to build something larger than myself and help others achieve their full potential.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 10.31.14 AM.png
Co-founders, Alexis and Leslie

Growing up I wasn’t allowed to read fashion magazines; it was my mother’s fear that I would see tall, thin, white models and think I’m not thin enough or pretty enough or worthy enough. Those feelings and thoughts crept into my mind without the magazines, thanks to television and movies.

However, I was blessed to grow up with a strong line up of female mentors. Each mentor was an authority in their field, and their beauty came from within. I learned that self-love is one of the most significant types of love to have. In high school (and sometimes still today), I would write words of encouragement on post-its and scatter them throughout my room. Every day as I’d walk out my bedroom door, on a neon green post-it, I would read, go get ‘em, girl!

My promise to every member of the Burgundy Fox community is as follows:

I am here to support you, advocate for you, be an empathetic ear, learn from you and be your cheerleader. It is a privilege to be building a company that believes in the celebration of all women. I’m looking forward to the days ahead :-).



Alexis Jenkins is a co-founder and the Head of Product for Burgundy Fox. Over the past five years, she has built a reputation in building a solid and scalable customer experience for companies. As the seventh person to join HoneyBook, she helped to build an award-winning company culture and a reputable customer experience. At Burgundy Fox, her mission is to build a community with diverse, confident and empowered women. Currently, she resides in New York City with her husband.

Brand Profile: Married & Bright

Annika Chaloff is the founder of Married & Bright, a line of handmade lingerie designed to make women feel wonderful about their bodies and themselves. Designed and produced in Nashville, TN, each piece seeks to inspire, uplift, and encourage the wearer to love themselves a little deeper and have a bit more fun. We caught up with Annika about her business.

Tell us how Married & Bright got started

Before I had my lingerie business, I had a line of maternity wear and children’s clothing (The opposite end of the fashion spectrum!), called Expect. I operated it for a little over three years before I reached a breaking point and realized that essentially it wasn’t fun for me anymore.

I made the hard decision to shut it down at the end on 2014.  Closing Expect felt like such a total and utter personal failure to me that I vowed never to run a business again. But… just a few  weeks later, I felt a creative itch. I decided out of the blue to use some of the leftover materials from Expect — the elastic I was using to make baby headbands — to make a bralette. I took a photo of that sparkly bralette lying on my bed and the requests for duplicates came rolling in. On a whim, I set up an Etsy shop to take orders, and suddenly I was back in business! It was a really unexpected turn for me, but I’ve found that running a lingerie business is so deeply gratifying and meaningful to me. I’m glad I took the plunge!


How did you come up with the name and what does it signify? 

Before I got married, I had a blog that I ran under my maiden name. While my husband and I were driving down the coast of California on our “minimoon,” I was contemplating changing the name of my blog now that my own name had changed.

“Merry & Bright” is a family inside joke, and given that my wedding quickly followed the holidays, the phrase was floating around in my head. I decided to change my blog name to Married & Bright to fit my new status as a Mrs. When I opened shop about a year later, I decided to just use my blog name and change it later when I thought of something better. I bet you can guess how that ended. It seems like most things with Married & Bright happened by accident at first, and later became imbued with meaning. I think those two words describe myself and my customer. Whether they’re married to a partner, their career or just committed to having fun, my girls are sparkly, intelligent rays of sunshine!

What’s your philosophy on lingerie and boudoir? 

I believe that lingerie should be designed to make the wearer feel good, first and foremost. I’ve always subscribed to the look good, feel good philosophy. I always apply that to my work. If wearing Married & Bright impresses your partner or friends, I consider that a fringe benefit. At the core of my design approach is putting an extra bounce in someone’s step, making someone feel more confident, sexier and better about themselves.

What inspires your new design concepts? 

Inspiration for me comes from one of three places: materials, my customers and myself. I love walking through fabric shops, or browsing the work of surface designers, illustrators, and graphic designers to find my next favorite print, or fun colored lace. When I see a new fabric or pattern I haven’t worked with yet, ideas usually start flowing in. I also so hearing what my customers and clients have to say. Adding high waist undies was a special request from a custom order and that one style of panty completely changed my business. And, selfishly, I like making things that I myself want to wear. When I realize that I can’t find what I’m looking for out in the world… I like to make it myself.


Tell us what we exciting things we can look forward to from Married & Bright?

I’m really looking forward to my next couple product releases. The summer collection is going to be filled with quirky prints, bright colors, and new, fun textures. After that, is my favorite season, Fall. I’m looking forward to more velvet, and rich colors.

Amidst your packed schedule, how do you take care of yourself?

My resident studio dog, Bucket, keeps me from losing my mind. Taking a pause to scratch his belly, or being forced to walk him at least twice a day, affords me a little time without technology to slow my brain down and breathe. Plus, he is always good for a laugh!

Name one person who inspires you and why? 

I can’t name just one, I have to name two: my sisters. These two women are a force of nature. One of them is a multi-lingual mother of two who still somehow finds time to make the most exquisite quilts, Pinterest worthy preschool birthday cupcakes and have the most perfectly decorated home. Plus she works for a non-profit — she is spreading so much goodness in the world! My other sister is a college professor. She teaches physics and calculus. She is all of five feet tall and still commands a room full of young adults with such gusto and grace, it astounds me. I strive to live up to their legacy. They blazed an amazing trail that I hope to follow.

Edited by Nicole Fallert.

Behind the brand

This blog post is a long time coming, I’m going to give you a look behind the brand, Burgundy Fox. You’ll learn about me, the founder, and the path that inspired me to start a subscription lingerie business. I don’t know that there was any one defining point, but a series of events and inspiring people that led me to do the unthinkable, quit my full-time corporate job and jump into the utter uncertainty (but limitless possibility) of entrepreneurship.

I’ve always believed in the power of women. I was raised by a ferocious and loving mother who worked full-time ever since I can remember. Okay, ‘full-time’ is a gross understatement. She worked 24/7 and was the constant force of nature that got 3 girls and 1 grown man out of the house with oatmeal in our stomachs and lunch in our hands, worked a 9-7pm job in personal financial planning and mandated we eat a home-cooked dinner as a family every night. Amidst our lives full of countless doctors appointments, band recitals, teacher meetings, proms, the occasional detention or court hearing, she somehow managed to succeed at work, receiving promotions and national awards-she was my first example of a woman kicking ass.

Looking back now, I always wanted to be a boss. My mom glamorized work for me–her colorful array of power suits, talk of stock options, and the etched glass awards she’d bring home that said ‘Susanna Wong #1’. I always knew I wanted to be a very successful person and I learned at a young age that there was one way to attain that, by working harder than everyone else.

The thing I never saw from my mom’s experience, and was ill-equipped to face, were the ugly obstacles unique to women in this world. While in high school, I had my first encounters with sexual harassment and sexism, as I suspect many of you have. The frequency of these instances happening to me and people around me, only grew as I continued through college and into my career. I was becoming more aware and slowly began to find my voice in the fight against gender bias, inequality and harassment, covert and overt, man to woman and woman to woman, in media and in the workplace. It took a lot of self-growth to find the confidence to speak up and now I see that standing up for women is not only a necessity but an obligation to improve the experience for future generations.

Without cultivating strong self-confidence, you cannot have power.Tweet: Without cultivating strong self-confidence, you cannot have power. https://ctt.ec/3dE1a+ @burgundyfoxco

Without cultivating strong self-confidence, you cannot have power. It won’t take long to find examples of how women are held back by lack of confidence, more so than men. From the Toys R Us aisles to bodega magazine racks, we’re fed subliminal cues that our bodies and voices are not enough, that we are objects to be saved or consumed, mere receivers lacking power and not actors.

Maybe you’re thinking, “that’s advertising, why lingerie, Leslie?” It wasn’t until I started
shopping for lingerie did I realize the juxtaposition that lingerie presented. One one hand, it was awkward and intimidating going into a store to chat everything from your breast shape and sex life with a complete stranger. On the other hand, once you found something you felt confident in, you felt like Beyonce–the world was yours for the taking. Too many of my lingerie shopping encounters made me feel less than adequate when I put the garments on, and I’d leave empty-handed. I was trying on things that Gisele would rock down a glitter encrusted catwalk–that wasn’t me. Worse yet, it made me judge myself if I didn’t fill out a bra or have a flat stomach-these expectations of the ‘ideal’ body for lingerie are simply unrealistic yet we hold ourselves to this standard. I wanted lingerie that let me feel comfortable, confident, in control of my own interpretation of sensuality, not someone else’s definition of sexy.

IL3A2106I wanted to create a way for women of all shapes and sizes to experience lingerie in an accessible way, without the intimidation, awkwardness and unattainable body comparing. The world is changing and the beauty of this is, that we have more ways to let our voices be heard. Where we want change, we can create it.

Burgundy Fox is more than lingerie, it’s my desire to change the way women are portrayed and allowed to feel about themselves, through highlighting stories and images of real women–businesswoman, founders, bankers and mothers– looking beautiful, feeling confident and kicking ass.

If you’re reading this, you’re truly building this brand alongside me and I can’t thank you enough. Your kind words, encouraging texts and Insta-hearts remind me that I’m not doing this alone.

Love, Leslie
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